Letter from the International President

Well Donna got her wish, snow at the Officer's Meeting. I must admit, it was rather calming. Calming aside-we were presented with problems. Simple ones to most of you but to us---horrible. Like; scraping ice and snow from our windshield with a workbook, because we don't own an ice scraper, or the fear of driving down the mountain to the store without snow tires or
a 4 wheel drive. To most of you this was nothing-but to me not so calming anymore.

What I can say—is the Officer's Meeting was great. We missed many
of you because you's were snowed in and couldn't make it. We will
see you all in June. To the rest of you--THANK YOU for coming.
Seeing your support of this Ministry encourages all of us. Donna
works very hard in the office mostly every day, that encouragement
goes a long way. Thank you.

When you live in a state that has no riding season; the days, weeks,
months just seem to fly by without notice. Every day is pretty much
the same as yesterday. No special season to look forward too. I think
that is why the Officer's Meetings and the Rally play such a huge part in our lives.

Well, Officer's Meeting is over, back to work, new HSMM Members packets to get out, new Chapters to charter, questions to answer, problems to solve, June Rally to organize, people to pray for, M/C events to attend...I wouldn't have it any other way----

I'm ALL in--always have been, (as my mentor said) "Saints don't Quit"
Be Blessed, ML&R, Zman

Romans 15:5 King James Version (KJV)
Now the God of patience and consolation grant you to be likeminded one toward another according to Christ Jesus:

International President HSMM


Barry Mayson: Hell's Angel To Heaven's Saint

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