Letter from the International President

And that concludes our first year in the "Hot Seat".

Donna & I have never been so busy, some of this was expected and some wasnot. I'm glad we were not told everything before I was put into office, I mighthave run away.

I'm looking across my office to the map on the wall with all the HSMM Chapterslocated on it, below it hangs a poster given to me by Rollie, the Arizona Chapter President. It's titled "I am a Soldier in the Army of God." You get a real sense of power looking at all the other Brothers and Sisters on our wall, knowing they are Soldiers alongside Me and Donna. We're standing together in this battle under the Leadership of an awesome King Jesus!!! Our Army is so much larger then what I see on our wall map. All the other Ministries, Churches, Evangelists, etc...are all a part of our Army.

Being in charge of men in my company; I'm living and thinking all the time to keep the work coming so these men can continue to provide for their families. Well, being here in the "Hot Seat" is kind of the same thing. It seems HQ is living 6 months ahead of the rest. We just finished up the Officer's Meeting in Chattanooga, while all the time focusing on the 2015 June HSMM Friends and Family Rally. (really I think we live about a year ahead...)

HQ is looking towards a new location for our January 2016 HSMM Officer's Meeting. We need a larger facility—What a great problem to have! Our thoughts are next year-anyone who wants to join us at the Officer's Meeting will be able to come and enjoy workshops while the Presidents, V.P.s. and Officers meet. Should be a great time.

Since our Women have been coming, their crowd has grown in leaps and bounds. Like 50 women met this year while the Officer's met.

As we grow, do not be discouraged over the issues we may encounter, it's just growing pains, expect them, embrace them as a learning experience. In 2014 HSMM has increased its Family by 98 new members.

ML&R, Zman



Barry Mayson: Hell's Angel To Heaven's Saint

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