Letter from the International President

So here you are a patch holder in a Motorcycle Ministry. What to do next? Well, I'll ride around to M/C events and/or Churches and represent. Represent for Jesus and my organization...

Time goes by and you pick up another member, great! More time goes by and you pick up more members, we call them Brothers and Sisters. Good stuff so far. Now as a small group you're riding together, sharing your lives with each other, sharing your love for God with each other, things are good. Maybe it's time to form a Chapter of our own. Hey!! Great Idea!

Well, that was us in Florida around 1994. In 2000 we formed a Chapter, six years after the first patch ever came to South Florida. Our group of 7 Men and a few wives grew close. Rode together, Ministered, laughed, cried, got caught in storms together; get the picture? We even argued between us, offended each other, yes we did. Got angry over stupid things. As President you're learning how to handle it all.

And then the unthinkable happens. You don't expect it, it's the furthest thing from your mind. Too busy dealing with hurts, offenses, silly disagreements, etc... But it happens. It happened to me. I never thought this could happen, talk about being blindsided, now what!?! As President of a Chapter I now have to deal with this???

One of my Brothers, whom I cried with, rode with, ministered with, even argued with, died. Right there in Church on a Sunday morning. Sitting just 2 rows in front of me. Heart attack. Just fell asleep, fell onto the floor and walked on with Jesus.

One week later we're sharing at the funeral about the Brother’s life. The disagreements you once had seem so far away now and trivial. The Joy you saw in his face, while leading someone to Christ stands out now. As you fight back the tears, because you're gonna miss him, you can't help but think-was the arguing so important. Was my self-centeredness running my life that I missed many important times?

Us patch holders have an awesome responsibility to our Brothers and Sisters. What's important to them should be important to us. Lift your Brothers up. Especially Officers, SERVE your family like they might not be there tomorrow.


PS. Big Mike’s walking with King Jesus. Still Missed.




Barry Mayson: Hell's Angel To Heaven's Saint

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