Letter from the International President

Hey Folks,
As many of you know; Barry Mayson was my Pops in this Ministry. He spent many hours mentoring me-some of which I'd forgotten; but a lot was retained. A few things stuck-like peanut butter to the roof of your mouth! One of which was, "Who-so-ever will." I know what you're thinking, "Well, that's scripture!"--of course it is.

Look at it--We HSMM are passionate about our motorcycles, sometimes maybe too much-BUT, we are very passionate about our God, Jesus Christ. Our call is to bring the Good News to everyone -- "Who-so-ever will" The Biker, the Teacher, the football player... everyone we come in contact with is an opportunity.

How can you not have compassion for any of the lost, when we have the greatest news ever?

Yes, we are a Motorcycle Ministry, but that doesn't limit is to
just Bikers. I have not forgotten when the HD was my "god".
Even put it before my Wife and Child.--Days LONG gone.
It's now a tool (and still a lot of fun.)

Another quote from Barry was; "Make a Friend, win a soul."
Its simple—go out and meet folks, make friends. People will
want what you got—if its real. A Pastor once said, "Preach the
Gospel 24/7--sometimes use words if you have to!"

Hey, I'm surrounded by HSMM Brothers and Sisters, together
we're standing firm.

Thank you for all your encouragement.
Keep honking and be real.
ML&R, Zman



Barry Mayson: Hell's Angel To Heaven's Saint

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