Letter from the International President

From Daytona Bike Week to Port Dover Canada, to Nebraska, to the Lonestar Rally in Galveston Texas (and many in between) Marty & I with our wives have been very busy.

Barry would have been very proud of the Heaven's Saints family he started. You Brothers and Sisters are the best. We have family from every walk of life out there. Executives sharing the Gospel alongside us ditch diggers. Graduates from Universities and graduates from behind bars. I'm proud to be blue collar working with my hands, but I love the white collar Brothers and Sisters. We all have so much we can glean from each other.

Barry called us misfits, so true, we have a tough time fitting in w ith this world cause we don't belong here. Remember the saying for the 70's, "Just passin' thru" Well that's us.

You have shared your lives with us this year all over the Country and we are blessed for it. Your stories, fears, doubts and excitements have shown Headquarters the responsibility we have. Our prayer is to listen to God as we lead our family beside us. Pray for us to work to maintain Barry's vision (Heaven's Saints). Keep our past leaders in your daily prayers, they have given a huge part of their lives to this Ministry (believe me--I know)

As this year comes to a close, we thank God for adding to our HSMM Family and for the safe traveling we have had. Keep the year end celebration about God’s One and Only, our Savior Jesus Christ. I can't image a love so great as God has for us, but He does.

See ya in June
ML&R, Zman



Barry Mayson: Hell's Angel To Heaven's Saint

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