Letter from the International President

WOW! 2015 HSMM Friends and Family Rally.
For those of you that missed it, it was awesome, for those of you who were there; well, you know. As with most changes, for some of us it's difficult, others it's almost impossible. Changing our Rally location was a difficult decision, with much guidance from the HSMM BOD we did it. There were MANY hours spent from MANY people to pull this off. You Brothers and Sisters done great. THANK YOU!!!! To the rest -- thank you for coming and sharing your time with others. To make a good rally or any event; all need to come with a sharing and positive attitude-You all did just that. As with all the previous rallies there are so many great things to talk about. Right on schedule, the Friday night dinner ride was rained on, it poured! But, OH!!! Look we weren't in it this year. The air conditioned dry space wasn't too bad to accept. Oh yeah, we didn't need broom handles to push the sagging tent up from the gallons of rain on it. For those that didn't attend, we PACKED OUT the Concert Hall both Friday and Saturday nights. GOD IS GOOD.

Oh yeah, we did have some hiccups too- Like not being able to ride the Chopper indoors (lodge rules) No campfires on the carpet (lodge rules), not much of a river flow for the Duck Race. We are working on these and other suggestions from members.

WAYCROSS HSMM did an Outstanding job with the Bike Games and Trophies--Maybe again next year--hint-hint! Dahlongea HSMM-Bag lunches are a great idea, do it again! Hippie along with the Marianna Chapter overcame some obstacles but managed to pull off a great breakfast. The usual, Bucky, Scott, Michigan Chapter, Steve, all the Sales Ladies, the Servants who gave us some vittles from God's Word-Pastor E (12 Gauge) from Midwest HSMM and Pastor Levi from North Carolina-Semper Fi and MANY others I could mention, but this would take too long- THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO FOR THE HSMM. And what about those Bands— Arkangel and Big and Loud!!!!! AWESOME!

Now to bring us up to speed. We have outgrown our National Officers meeting place in Chattanooga TN. Men were sitting way too close and it got so hot in that small room. The Ladies were sitting on the floor for lack of room and chairs. We will be moving it to Unicoi State Park in Helen. With this change there will be some hiccups also, so bear with us. There is a new twist for the 2016 Officers Meeting, EVERYONE is invited; Presidents, VP's, Chaplains will still have their meetings as usual. The twist is, there will be workshops held for others to attend if they would like to come.

More TBA shortly.




Barry Mayson: Hell's Angel To Heaven's Saint

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